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The Art of G r i e v e

Demise Beauty
The Art of G r i e v e.
Lix is my name. I'm seventeen. Currently majoring in design. Design makes up my life, be it offline or online. I love the arts and every form that can describe grace. I love the sound of silence, the leaves rustling on the trees. I love the wind caressing my cheeks. I love to pen down my thoughts, use art to express my feelings. Writing is my other hobby.
The other me, no I don't have split personality. I love music but only those that are pleasing to my ears. I love kpop, jrock and currently also into jpop. Dong Bang Shin Ki is my idol and I absolutely love Jae Joong and Yunho. Besides that I love b-balling and cycling. I have phobia against speed. I hate being deceive, wishes to lead a simple life.
credits: exitclosed | fruitstyle network: flightseventeen | divinewings | zleur